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Hey, I'm
Geni Jaho

Full-stack web developer with a passion for software architecture and cloud computing. Over the last 5 years, I have developed and maintained complex Web apps using mainly Laravel, Python, and Vue. I always love working with a technically strong team with a good balance of freedom and responsibility.

Worked on

  • Legacy PHP refactoring & migration

    Legacy PHP refactoring & migration

    Laravel, Slim, YII

  • SEO & PageSpeed optimization

    SEO & PageSpeed optimization

    Best practices, Performance, Accessibility

  • MySql & Elasticsearch optimizations

    MySql & Elasticsearch optimizations

    Indexes, Queries, Field types

  • ETL pipelines, Data Processing

    ETL pipelines, Data Processing

    Apache Spark & Hadoop

  • Cost-effective AWS architectures

    Cost-effective AWS architectures

    EC2, Lambda, DynamoDb, MongoDb, Neptune

  • Crawling Million page sites

    Crawling Million page sites


Skilled in

  • Domain Driven Development in Laravel

    Domain Driven Development in Laravel

  • Unit & Feature Testing

    Unit & Feature Testing

  • Front-end development using Vue

    Front-end development using Vue

  • JQuery, from the good old days

    JQuery, from the good old days

I've built a Neon Forum, for fun.

  1. 100% Test Coverage on the backend
  2. Neon look and feel
  3. Top stats on Performance, SEO, Accessibility, and Best Practices

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